Don't Stress Over a Mess

Turn to our house cleaning company based in Jacksonville, FL

You're a busy person, and that makes it difficult to find time to really clean your home. However, it's still possible to have a neat, clean home. The experts at Butterflies and Bubbles LLC provide house cleaning services in the Jacksonville, FL area. We'll customize our cleaning services to fit your home and schedule.

Contact our staff now to set up a recurring cleaning and trash removal appointment.

We give our best effort to every customer

When you sign up for our ongoing house cleaning service, your first appointment will be a consultation. Our team will clean your whole home and determine how much time it requires. Subsequent visits will be shorter since we know what to expect at your home. Our well-trained team will:

  • Sweep and mop
  • Dust your surfaces
  • Clean and sanitize your bathrooms
  • Clean your windows
  • Sanitize your doorknobs, telephones and counters

Our crew also performs trash removal. Don't spend your weekend cleaning your home. Hire the crew from Butterflies and Bubbles in Jacksonville, FL now.